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Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome to Proustaad - Dilicious Place to Learn

Welcome to , Hi This is Arshad Majeed CEO of i am 19 year old boy from  Dadu , Sindh  and working online since 2010 with a great experience in online works i decided to share my experience through and you have been saw many tutorials websites out there but on INSHA ALLAH you will see some uniqueness and i will try my best to keep you updated with latest trends and Unique Tips and Tricks so i will try my best to record Video for every post of in Urdu Language for proper understanding .

My Mother tongue is Sindhi and i grew up  in a uneducated atmosphere i worked hard to achieve my goal and right now by Grace of Allah i am too happy with my ability and my education .

Better Teaching is my first Priority

I will try to Record Urdu Video Tutorials in better style , teaching you in clear meaning included in my first priority i will try to mention every single thing in descriptive .



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